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Dinner with the President
dinner with the president1dinner with the president 2

Directed by Sabiha Sumar & S Sathananthan
Duration 58 minutes

Broadcasted October 8th in 200 countries through 40 broadcasting stations around the world.

What are the implications for democracy in Pakistan when secular political parties have succumed to the Islamic agenda? What does it mean when the army appears to be the only force able to  contain the opponents of democracy? President Musharraf agrees to explore this apparent contradiction at length over dinner at his official residence, the Army House, with filmmakers Sabiha Sumar and Sachithanandam Sathananthan.

They film encounters the MMA - an allaince of religious parties - a tribal parliament, truck drivers, young eite party goers, a Sindhi peasant woman and her husband and people on the street. The filmmakers engage them in discussions on President Musharraf and democracy.

n the roofs of Delhi
on the roofs of delhi 1on the roofs of delhi 2

Directed by Sabiha Sumar

Duration 28 minutes


Gulnaz a 14 year old girl shows you the heart of Mughul India: Old Delhi . She dreams about her future as a singer and a house of her own. But she knows it will be tough to realize her dreams.

Who will cast the first stone

Directed by Sabiha Sumar

Duration 59 minutes


Sabiha Sumar's debut documentary, "Who Will Cast the First Stone" argues forcefully for the repeal of the Hudood Ordinances (Islamic Laws) promulgated by General Zia-ul-Haq. As Roshan Jan, a woman in prison for adultery forcefully states in the film, "I think women should get their right - the freedom to decide who they marry, who they live with, freedom to divorce..."   The film is an outcome of the path-breaking campaign carried out in 1987/88 by the Committee for the Repeal of Hudood Ordinances, which Sabiha Sumar chaired. The film won the Golden Gate Award at San Francisco and it is the first in a series of films that have brought to light Pakistani concerns.

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