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Vidhi Films - Sabiha Sumar - a brief profile

Sabiha Sumar - A brief profile

sabiha sumar A long, long time ago, a young Pakistani girl heard the story of the Arabian Nights. Mesmerised, she listened as night after night the barbaric king slaughtered his lovers, until enthralled by the power of storytelling he was compelled to keep one lover alive. and slowly but surely, he was transformed.

Years later, the girl has grown to be acclaimed Pakistani film-maker, Sabiha Sumar who with S Sathananthan set up Vidhi Films, a company deeply involved with filmmaking as a means of encouraging and catalyzing social change. Vidhi seeks to create inspiring, entertaining and commercially viable cinema. Using the power of storytelling to challenge and combat the silence imposed by religious and political extremism. Nurturing free artistic expression with a vision to engage audiences, foster the spirit of questioning, generate awareness on issues of human rights, gender and justice, and inspire individuals and communities to seek a better world.

Born in Karachi, Sabiha Sumar studied Filmmaking and Political Science at Sarah Lawrence College in New York from 1980 to 1983 and then read History and Political Thought at Cambridge University.

As a independent filmmaker Sabiha Sumar has earned much acclaim for her films which deal with political and social issues such as the effects of religious fundamentalism on society and especially on women. Her first feature film, 'Silent Waters ( Khamosh Pani )' has played in film festivals around the world. Silent Waters won the Golden Leopard award at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2003. Sabiha's first documentary, 'Who Will Cast the First Stone,' about three women in prison in Pakistan under Islamic law won the Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco Film Festival in 1998.

> Who Will Cast The First Stone (1988, for Channel Four Television, UK).

> Where Peacocks Dance (1992, for Channel Four Television, UK).

> Of Mothers, Mice And Saints (1994, for ZDF/Das Kleine Fernsehspiel).

> Suicide Warriors (1996, for Channel Four Television, UK).

> Don't Ask Why (1999, for ZDF/3Sat).

> Hawa Kay Naam / For A Place Under The Heavens (2003, for ZDF/ARTE).

> Khamosh Pani / Silent Waters (2003, for ZDF/ARTE) is her first feature film.

> On the Roofs of Delhi (2007, for ZDF/3Sat).

> Dinner with the President (2007).

> Member of the International Jury, 2004, Locarno International Film Festival

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